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Ki Gong

Ki Gong is the focus of learning how to heal your body, strengthen its functions, and increase your own power from within.

Tai Chi Gong is one of the oldest versions of what is simply known as Tai Chi today. Tao Martial Arts will incorporate the concepts and philosophies of the practice of Internal Martial Arts with a focus on the Ki Gong (also known as Chi Gong / Qi Gong) aspect of controlling the body’s inner workings in conjunction with our other Martial Art techniques. This training extends to mindfulness training and education as well as breathing and meditative approaches to calm the body and mind.

Tao Martial Arts will be working to incorporate the World Tang Soo Do Association Ki Gong system into our school.  In the interim Mr. Ferguson will be utilizing the training and education he received in Chi Gong from Master Steve Davis from the World Chi Gong Hapkido Association, in or to augment our training in Tang Soo Do.  We will be working with certified World Ki Gong instructors within WTSDA Region 2 to help us grow within this system as well.

World Tang Soo Do Association Ki Gong:

Link to more resources for Ki Gong Training: 

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