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The Story of Tao Martial Arts

Founded in 2022

Official Studio of the World Tang Soo Do Assocation, Studio Number 68822.

in 2021 Benjamin Ferguson decided to finally set down roots and begin building a new studio in order to teach martial arts to those in the community.  The work began to create a name, logo, and business framework.  A few ideas were floated for the name at first but it came down to just a few options.  Eventually the overall mission was the deciding factor in choosing the final name.  Since the goal was to provide a path to martial arts for people of all ages, all backgrounds, all creeds, and all lifestyles the only name that made sense was Tao.  Since Tao or Do is a term that translates to a host of different concepts it covered everything that the new studio needed all in one word.  Tao can be translated as a path, a way, a journey, and method, or even more deeply as a representation of everything.  This is the perfect term to capture the desire to create a path for everyone equally and if the student chooses to join the path then the studio provide the journey into the martial arts.  And, since there would be multiple styles and influences taught within the same walls it needed to be encompassing, so the phrase Martial Arts needed to be used as well.  Hence the origin of Tao Martial Arts.


Origin of Logo


Inception of our Name

The logo for Tao Martial Arts is a product of extensive thought and insight into what should be represented in the logo, which in turn is what the studio represents to the world.  There is a lot of obvious meanings as well as many hidden meanings throughout the logo.  It in itself is one of the studio's training tools.  As students progress in their journey they will continually be provided insights into the many layers of the hidden meanings.


Our Mission

Tao Martial Arts is dedicated to providing top quality traditional martial arts to all students.  Our motto is "Your Pathway to the Secrets of the Martial Arts".  This is the core of our mission!  We can not force any student to come to our studio but we can guarantee that all students who join us will be taught everything we can teach them as they move through their respective ranks and levels.


A Safe, Inclusive, and Welcoming Space for All

Tao Martial Arts is a safe space for all people of any race, creed, gender, or socioeconomic status.  We do not turn away anyone from a minority or underprivileged group.  The only thing that will get you turned away from our school is if you treat anyone with disrespect, if you are a bully, if you act hateful or harmful to anybody for any reason except self-defense.


Our Humble Beginnings

June 1st 2022 we opened our doors at 6515 E Main St, #115, Mesa, AZ 85205.  We started with about 700 square feet of space to work with and maximized it to create the best training environment that we could.  

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