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Tao Martial Arts

We opened our doors May 2023 and have hit the ground running ever since.  This page is snapshot of those accolades, awards, and recognition that we have earned from the community.


Tao Martial Arts strives to be a positive influence in our local and broader communities.  Wether it be the community around our studio, the cities we operate in, the state in which we reside, or the broader martial arts and self-defense communities we are a part of.  Our goal is always the same, to build people up, teach them new skills, and be a positive approach through action, training, and dedication.

East Valley High School, Mesa, Arizona

Tao Martial Arts has a unique partnership with EVHS in which we go to their school and teach a daily martial arts class for their students.  Giving them the knowledge to better themselves and to grow in a discipline that will stick with them for life.

One N Ten

Tao Martial Arts enjoys working closely with the LGBTQ youth support group in Phoenix and their satellite locations throughout the valley.  As an LGBTQ owned school we know how important it is to help support minority groups.  We are very proud to provide self-defense courses to the youth at One N Ten.

Mesa Public Schools

Tao Martial Arts is working with Mesa Public Schools to provide Self-Defense training to its employees with a tailored approach specific to the situations surrounding school grounds.  We utilize the Split Second Survival concepts to teach non-aggressive approaches as well as quick escape and survival concepts to deal with any scenario that may arise.


Our first year has gone better than we could have ever hoped.  Now we are working to make 2023 even better!

Leaving Your Mark Video Series - Grand Prize Winners

Arizona Small Business Association (ASBA) had a video series powered by Salt River Project (SRP). which was in search of the most inspirational small businesses in our community. ASBA and SRP wanted to highlight the impact of local business, especially during the challenging times created by the COVID Pandemic small businesses.  Tao Martial Arts was selected as the Grand Prize Winner and was featured in the video below:

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