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Split Second Survival Self-Defense System​

Learning to escape the worst real life scenarios

Split Second Survival (SSS) is a self-defense system based on escaping and surviving a confrontation, specializing in multiple assailants and weapon disarmament. Other self-defense systems teach you how to fight against an attacker; SSS will show you how to survive amid several. While other styles of self-defense are based on a one-on-one scenario, viewing only your immediate opponent as the threat; Split Second Survival teaches you how to respond to multiple threats, armed or unarmed, large or small. There are no punches, kicks, knees, or elbows used in SSS. We do not teach arm bars, wrist locks, or takedowns. Using any of these defense techniques will cause you to focus on your technique and the single attacker, which locks you into a pre-supposed pattern.

SSS teaches that to survive a confrontation is to understand that there is always more than one attacker. If a person is engaged in a fight, their focus is on the fight, not on the other person coming from behind. SSS uses unique open hand strikes to the soft tissue areas of the attacker, employs passive escapes, soft blocking techniques, and subconscious redirects in the form of neural response to physical stimulation. All of these techniques will easily flow into ending the confrontation or to your escape. There are no set or standard moves in SSS similar to hyungs, or patterns, used in martial arts. SSS uses concepts that can be employed in many of the same ways against a person, or persons, using a knife, firearm, or any other weapon.

SSS believes that holding any set of combination strikes or moves only sets you up for failure. When you train with a pre-determined set of moves, and your opponent does not do what is expected, it causes your brain to reassess. When your brain reassesses, it takes your focus from the threat. This moment can determine whether you will survive the situation or not. To reassess takes valuable time. Remember the 00DA Loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) by Colonel John Boyd.

How does SSS work? One of the many differences that set SSS apart from other self-defense systems is that SSS practitioners understand reaction. SSS practitioners are avid students of Body Logic: what will and will not cause a reaction from your attacker. Learning how to avoid reaction allows you a window of opportunity to resolve the situation without a response from your opponent. SSS practitioners are able to apply this by understanding how many functions, preconceptions, and stimuli the brain can perform at any given time.

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