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World Tang Soo Do Association

We are a certified member studio of the WTSDA within Region 2

"Following 1945 Korean independence, the Korean martial arts were again merged and flourished throughout the entire Korean Peninsula. Many organizations were founded with various names such as Soo Bahk Do, Tang Soo Do, Tae Soo Do and so on. At the beginning of the modern era of the Korean martial arts, Tang Soo Do was the most popular term for these arts, however, at that time, the Korean political leader was concerned about establishing Korean value based on Korean nationalism. The political leaders recognized the popularity of Korean martial arts around the world, but were opposed to the use of the name Tang Soo Do for the art, as it sounded like a Chinese martial art, because the first word “Tang” could be interpreted as representing the Chinese Tang Dynasty (617-907 AD). In 1964, a government sponsored small group created a new name for the Korean martial arts: Tae Kwon Do." -

As a member studio of the World Tang Soo Do Association we teach and promote Tang Soo Do as our primary art and use all other styles as systems to augment our training in Tang Soo Do.  We are part of Region 2 which has a very strong presence in Arizona, as well as studios in Utah and New Mexico.

Tao Martial Arts  focuses on a five aspects approach to training in the Martial Arts.  With our Tang Soo Do training we focus on the "striking" aspect.  This is the kicking, punching, stances, blocks and other foundational elements of utilizing martial arts from a distance as well as in close melee.  The closer you get to an opponent the more the situation can change to a grappling type melee, which is where Tang Soo Do is effective and augmented by our grappling and self-defense systems.

World Tang Soo Do Association Headquarters:

WTSDA Region 2:

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